About Triquimex


Triquimex is an industrial manufacturer and direct exporter of outdoor wrought iron, ceramic mosaic and lightweight concrete furniture, from Vietnam. Our headquarter, which is the showroom as well, is located in the eastern suburbs of Hồ Chí Minh City, at only 30 minutes from both International airport and downtown, while the production sites in Binh Duong Province, at 25 Km from the office.

Triquimex offers a great range of products for your decoration needs from mosaic table and metal chair to accessories such as umbrella base, rack, plant stand, holder, shelve, gate, fence, and so on. Our products are available not only for indoor but also and especially for outdoor use.

We hold ourselves always to the high standard, both in the product quality and in the way we do business. Because, after all, we are in this mosaic and wrought iron product business to secure a great deal more than just our place in the furniture market.

Our objective is to be at the forefront of technology and innovation in the furniture manufacturing industry. We aim to deliver superior quality products in tandem with maximized cost efficiencies. And squarely meeting the obligations, socially and technologically, isn't just our business goal, but our moral imperative. To that end, as a company manufacturer as well as exporter, the responsibility we feel for our country and the citizens grows with us.​

For more than 10 years of existence, Triquimex has been exporting mosaic, lightweight concrete and iron products worldwide. Our dedication to promoting the local handicraft products has helped spreading Vietnamese products to friends from all over the world. Today, Triquimex is unleashing the power of the Internet to introduce the best mosaic and iron furniture for home, patio and garden. But to get a closer look at our products, please do not forget to come over to our showroom. Our doors are always opened.

Put simply, if you are looking for a good supplier or partner for mosaic, concrete and iron furniture who cares about the quality and about your business, choose Triquimex.


It sounds totally obvious but we keep listening to your ideas and plans for your business. We then suggest the best solution to fit. At Triquimex, we never shoehorn any inquiry if we feel we're not a good fit for customer's need. We keep customers advised from the outset.

As a furniture manufacturer in Vietnam, we have been exporting since 2005. We love discussing and developping new products with you. Years of knowledge and experience are all what we bring to the table to work with and for you.

We love nothing more than working on a great order with a fantastic client. Whether it is for a customer's project order or a wholesale one, we care about the production, about our clients. And we never hesitate to spend more time and energy just to get everything 'right'!



From customers

The company strength comes first from our customers. It is thanks to the priceless trust they put in us that we have overcome the ups and downs in our business lifetime. Nowadays, in this competitive marketplace where furniture businesses compete for customers, we are making customer satisfaction a key element of our business strategy.


Our team

We are constantly searching for new materials, new technologies and innovation. We recommend them to customers when it makes sense. We love what we do and we build the career through the enthusiasm and commitment. If you are interested in joining such an active team at Triquimex, do not hesitate to send us a spontaneous application.



We have been for the past 10 years a healthy company with always a strong and stable ability to meet the ongoing obligations to our suppliers, our personnel, local competent authorities, banks... And, on balance, an excellent balance sheet strength is permanently maintained to ensure our good operating performance and business profile.