Choosing café furniture for attractive décor

Café furniture is the key element of success café shop. Investing in café business requires venture. Therefore, owners have to carefully consider the concept of décor for spaces of their café. One of essential elements that decide the success of your café is choosing right pieces of furniture fitting in the whole space of the café. This post will show you some kinds of café furniture for attractive décor.

Round café table

café furniture

Mosaic round cafe table is common café for outdoor cafes (imagine collected)

Round table is common piece of furniture that easy to use in many spaces; especially when being use for space of coffee shops, it creates united atmosphere and a welcoming area for friends and family to hang out. Nowadays, a new trendy item that is becoming popular choice for café owners is mosaic café round table top with wrought iron base. Combining with this kind of table is aesthetic wrought iron chairs (usually four chairs)

Square café table

Square café tables are often simple designs usually placed in modern cafés. They come in different materials such as tempered glass, plastic, mosaic, wood and wrought iron or cast iron.

café furniture

Square cafe table and chairs - a modern café furniture set (imagine collected)

Rectangular café table

Rectangular café table is like another form of square table, but it is used to make more seats. This kind of table is often chosen by owners of cafés for family, or cafés that serve coffee, beverages and foods.

café furniture

Rectangular cafe table - a piece of café furniture for family outing (imagine collected)

Oval café table

café furniture

Like rectangular cafe table the oval one is also a great kind of café furniture (imagine collected)

Similar to rectangular café table, oval one is placed in spaces of coffee shops that also serve foods. This kind of table is also suitable for companies or family to celebrate small parties in space of cafés. Aesthetic wrought iron chairs will make the space more perfect when added to this set.

Other creative and featured furniture items creates style for the café

Customers often evaluate a café not only on the taste of the drinks, but also on the décor. Therefore, besides having common café furniture in your café, it is essential to add creative furniture items as additions to your space.

For cafés that have balcony, it may bring a different look after you add some flower containers to this space.

cafe furniture

Tolix chairs-ideal café furniture for outdoor cafe (imagine collected)

In conclusion, it may be a venture when you decide to open a café. Therefore, it is important to plan ahead all the crucial elements of the café such as the décor, choosing café furniture, location, etc. Find more about café furniture and ideas for decorating space with furniture at Triquimex.

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