Handicraft concept in mosaic furniture

Handicraft products are mostly defined as items made by hand and with simple tools. They are generally artistic and traditional. Our core products, outdoor mosaic table and chair, made of ceramic mosaic and wrought iron, are at the same time the object of utility and of decoration.

At Triquimex, we are following the handicraft concept in mosaic furniture production. We undertake to offer products directly hand-made by our craftsmen. We strongly believe in this concept of valuing the Vietnamese handicraft industry by offering to customers around the world a better choice of outdoor furniture, ceramic mosaic and wrought iron.


Our mission is to connect our craftsmen to customers who appreciate the art of ceramic mosaic and wrought iron in the manner it deserves. Effectively, the handicraft products are opening the gateway to tradition, heritage and at the same time to the contemporary and design look. That is the Power of Balance of handicraft concept in mosaic furniture we are believing in.

Each product at Triquimex is created with lots of love and enthusiasm. We hire and train the local artisans who work with us. This way we are creating jobs, knowledge and experienced craftsmanship professionals in the decoration and outdoor furniture community. With all modern equipment at Triquimex, our craftsmen can make better products, industrial way, while keeping the craft and traditional look.


In the production, we use as much as possible local craft materials, such as terra cotta, glazed tile, natural stone, slate... and we placed them with attention and care to form mosaic products. Our mosaic table and wrought iron chair therefore offer the same tropical garden experience, with an enhanced style of comfort.

And finally but the most importantly, the products quality is always at the heart of our company. At Triquimex, quality greatly matters and defines our existence and development. Our quality begins with the careful selection of raw material, training of our team and goes beyond the mere time of sale of each mosaic table and wrought iron chair.

Our concept also includes all performances and activities around the our garden furniture production. In one word, we do care about the quality not only in the whole production process, with continuous quality controls, but also through our permanent customer service.