Our Facilities


Situated in the eastern suburb of Ho Chi Minh city, Triquimex's Showroom and Headquarter is just about 30 minutes drive from downtown or Tân Sơn Nhất (SGN) International Airport. With over 300 square meter space, our showroom is truly the address for you to find the right iron and mosaic furniture designs for your retail business or projects.

We look forwards to welcoming your visit at our showroom at 7C Street no 12, hamlet 2, Hiệp Bình Phước ward, Thủ Đức district, Hồ Chí Minh City. Let us know for the pickup service.

Our office team, well experienced and professional, strive hard to offer the best possible customer service and value. At Triquimex, on top of Vietnamese language, we are able to communicate fluently in English and French. We are always ready to support and confident to meet any requirements from customers for iron mosaic furniture.

Please feel free to contact our team for any further product information or support. We are here pleased to assist and reachable 24/7 at the hotline number (+84) 976 88 06 68.

iron furniture



Our headquarter

7C street 12, Hamlet 2

Hiep Binh Phuoc Ward, Thu Duc District

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam



300 sqm


only 30 minutes

from downtown Hồ Chí Minh City

outdoor café furniture

Our in-house studio

How to get to our place for a visit?
Please refer to the enclosed map.
Or just simply let us know for a pick-up.


Not mentioning the production infrastructure and facilities of Triquimex will be a major shortcoming in this section. As a manufacturer and direct exporter from Vietnam, we are always considering as top priority the equipment investment subjects to catch up with the advanced production techniques, as required by the new design trends and market tendencies in the interior decoration and garden furniture industry.

Our adequate facilities and skilled worker team are all Triquimex's major production assets to meet special requirements from customer. At Triquimex, in manufacturing, we understand the importance of product quality and delivery deadlines. These two key elements are always taken carefully into consideration when we get any new orders, whether it is large orders, for the export market or an equipment purchase for local projects in Vietnam.

Built in Tân Phước Khánh Ward, Tân Uyên Town, Bình Dương Province, our production facilities are located right in the area where local development policies prioritize industries and handicraft productions. Geographical location coupled with convenient transportation network is a big advantage, which keeps us always active in logistics and labor recruitment.

With over 6,000 square meters in total, we dedicate 3,000 square meters for metal production activities, the remaining area is for mosaic production and packaging.

The entire workshop area covers the layout of machinery and equipment dedicated to the production needs of the company.

We hire a team of 140 permanent workers who, in the peak season, is strengthened by seasonal freelancers, independent welders... Skilled and experienced workers who have worked for long-term for the company are assigned to hold the key and important positions in our company production as drawing readers, new model developers and product quality controllers (QC)...

Iron Furniture Factory in Binh Duong Province



Tân Phước Khánh Ward,

Tân Uyên Town, Bình Dương Province



3.000 sqm

for metal works



more than 3.000 sqm

for mosaic creation

and packaging