GH-140 Modern coffee chair

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GH-140 Modern coffee chair is the new model for contemporary spaces. The product is provided by the Vietnam coffee furniture manufacturer Triquimex.

  • Coffee chair
  • Wrought iron frame
  • Concrete at the back

GH-140, modern-coffee-chair has special decoration with the back stuck with concrete. This feature not only brings comfort for customer, but also gives a feeling of art for any space have it inside. The chair is 45/90 cm height, and the seat is 40cm in width. This is the size that Triquimex makes for samples; if customer want it made like your desire, we can also cusomize it for you. It means that you can be free to design your own pieces of furniture.

In term of the iron frame of the chair, we apply the advancd technology; all the metal details are powder coated for anti-rust. This feature is suitable for outdoor projects like outdoor coffee, garden restaurant. Therefore the table can stand out all the bad elements from the environment. Depending on the purpose of use, customer can choose different kinds of chair of Triquimex with the main material is wrought iron. Your space will become more modern and special.

The back of the GH-140 modern coffee chair is stuck by lightweight concrete detail to make the chair become more prominent. In addition, there are eye-catching patterns decorated on the lightweight concrete surface. These patterns are colorful, elegant and gorgeous. With this approach, customer can also offer to add text or your own logo on the chair to make your space more unique in business.

Besides this stunning chair, there is a wide range of outdoor furniture products in Triquimex’s furniture collection. Therefore, if you are interested in pieces of furniture like the GH-140, please contact Triquimex.

Triquimex is a company specializing in supplying outdoor furniture nationwide and worldwide. We deal with great pre-order from customers around the world. With more than 10 years experience in manufacturing and supplying outdoor furniture, we believe that we can gain total satisfaction from our customer once co-operating with us.

Thank you for your time with Triquimex!