GH-145 aesthetic wrought iron chair from Triquimex

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GH-145 aesthetic wrought iron chair is elegant and grateful. It is produced by the Vietnam outdoor furniture manufacturer Triquimex.

  • Wrought iron frame
  • Modern style
  • Cushion at the seat

The GH-145 aesthetic wrought iron chair is structured by an iron frame and a beautiful cushion at the seat. The cushion is added to eliminate the feeling of harshness from the iron frame. The chair is styled with beautiful wrought iron patterns.

At Triquimex, the aesthetic wrought iron chair, numbered GH-145, is treated carefully with advanced technology and skillful hands of craftsmen. all the metal details are powder coated for anti-rust. This feature is suitable for outdoor projects like outdoor coffee, garden restaurant. Therefore the table can stand out all the bad elements from the environment. Depending on the purpose of use, customer can choose different kinds of chair of Triquimex with the main material is wrought iron. Your space will become more modern and special.

The aesthetic wrought iron chair, numbered gH-145, goeas well with a high glass coffe table from Triquimex. These two are suitable in spaces like modern coffees, or in living room of your house.

Besides this stunning chair, there is a wide range of outdoor furniture products in Triquimex’s furniture collection. Therefore, if you are interested in pieces of furniture like the GH-145, please contact Triquimex.

Triquimex is a company specializing in supplying outdoor furniture nationwide and worldwide. We deal with great pre-order from customers around the world. With more than 10 years experience in manufacturing and supplying outdoor furniture, we believe that we can gain total satisfaction from our customer once co-operating with us.

Choosing Triquimex, customers do not need to worry about quality of products and accompanying services. At our factory, we set quality as our first priority. We are careful in both choosing raw materials and all stages of production process.

Thank you for your time with Triquimex!