Green Round Mosaic Patio Dining Table

  • Round Mosaic Patio Dining Table for Outdoor Use
  • Green Round Mosaic Patio Dining Table Wrought Iron Base

TR-022 Green Round Mosaic Patio Dining Table

One of beautiful hand-made tables of Triquimex is the green round mosaic patio dining table, numbered TR-022. The top measures 110 cm or 120 cm in diameter. The table is 75 cm in height.

Green is the color of nature and can give you a restful feeling. Therefore, with the hope to give you a dining table that fits the garden setting and relax you, we choose green to be color of the top. We create the top from small green ceramic tiles, curved squares for the central part and diamonds for the border. The surface is treated to resist water and prevent cracking.

The base is made from wrought iron and strong enough to support the top. The wrought iron is powder coated, so the table is rust resistant.

The table is designed with the knock down system that allows you to disassemble it for the convenience of transporting.

You can use the green round mosaic patio dining table for dinners in garden or as a patio table for get- together occasions. In a very restful atmosphere of the garden or patio, it’s no doubt that you will immensely enjoy great moments.