Oval Tile Top Outdoor Dining Table

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OV-017 Oval Tile Top Outdoor Dining Table

Update your outdoor living space with Triquimex’s oval tile top outdoor dining table, numbered OV-017.

The oval mosaic top is catchy and elegant. It is constructed of small square terracotta tiles. The variations of terracotta hue bring interesting mosaic patterns. In addition, the ring patterns with marble stones add a special charm to the top. This beautiful mosaic top would win your heart at first sight.

The wrought iron base is made of solid iron, making strong support for the table. The scrollwork gives it an aesthetic look. This base and the terracotta mosaic top make a perfect couple. This oval mosaic dining table is truly a piece of art.

Triquimex have manufactured wrought iron and mosaic furniture since 2005. The experience lets us know how to bring you quality outdoor tables and chairs with convenience. We powder coat the iron base and waterproof the mosaic top for weather resistance. Also, the table features the knock-down system for convenient transport.

This oval tile top outdoor dining table is available in 120*80*75 cm or can be customized. Combine it with wrought iron chairs to give your outdoor dining nook a perfect dining set.