Powder Coated Replica Tolix Chair

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GH-058 Powder Coated Replica Tolix Chair

Triquimex’s powder coated replica Tolix chair, numbered GH-058, is manufactured according to the design of the original Tolix chair. The chair is neat and modern in design, suitable for any setting from private home to hospitality businesses like cafés, restaurants, bistros, etc.

This replica Tolix chair is without armrests. It is 45/90 cm high and 40 cm wide. Its color is optional. This lightweight chair will help you to easily move it for arrangement. You can also stack several chairs to save storage space when not in use.

Although it is a replica Tolix chair, it is made of quality iron sheet, ensuring you a stable and durable piece of furniture. The four legs are made to ensure you good balance when put on the ground. All iron details are powder coated for beauty and antirust. It also requires low maintenance. Therefore, you can put the chair inside or outside.

It is versatile. It can work anywhere. This replica Tolix chair can function as a dining chair, a bistro chair, or an occasional chair.