Round Marble Mosaic Patio Table

  • Round Marble Mosaic Table
  • Round Marble Mosaic Table

TR-033 Round Marble Mosaic Patio Table

Mosaic is using pieces of stones or tiles with a lot of shapes and colors to create a picture or specific patterns. A work of mosaic is hand made. Therefore, it requires the patience and great skills from craftsmen. These days, people apply mosaic art to making beautiful table tops. Such table tops have a natural look and you may want them to be the surface of your outdoor table placed in your garden. Imagine how beautiful your garden will be if there is a mosaic table in it…

Triquimex’s round marble mosaic patio table, coded TR-033, may be the table you are looking for. Our craftsmen choose and cut marble stones into small pieces to create the patterns of the sun and stars. The harmony of black, yellow, orange and grey may impress you. The table is 75 cm  high. The top diameter is available in 60 cm, 70 cm, or 80 cm or can be tailor made.

Wrought iron table base adds elegance to the table. The top is waterproofed and the base is powder coated. Therefore, this round marble mosaic patio table requires low maintenance and can hold up most weather conditions.

This table will perfectly fit your garden or patio.