Rustic Round Mosaic Bistro Table

  • Round Mosaic Bistro Table with Rustic Look
  • Round Mosaic Bistro Table with Rustic Look

TR-012 Round Mosaic Bistro Table

The model TR-012 is a round mosaic bistro table of Triquimex. Its diameter is available in 70 cm or 80 cm. Its height is 75 cm.

It has a mosaic table top. The top is bordered with black ceramic tiles. The center is covered with terracotta tiles. The color combination gives the top a rustic look.

The table base is made of wrought iron. Its shape is similar to an hourglass. It gives something charming to the table. The curves of the framework give more legroom to the people sitting around it. The four leg tips are covered with rubber foot caps to protect the floor from scratching.

All metal details are powder coated to be rust resistant. The top is waterproofed for weather resistance. These treatments provide the table the ability to hold up any weather conditions. Therefore, if you don’t want to keep it inside, you can place the round mosaic bistro table in the garden.

The knock down system helps you to easily transport it. If you own a bistro, a café, or a garden coffee shop and want to add something rustic to the space, give this lovely round mosaic bistro table a try!