Round Mosaic Umbrella Base Concrete Core

  • Round Mosaic Umbrella Base with Concrete Core

PK-030 Round Mosaic Umbrella Base with Concrete Core

An outdoor umbrella will add attractiveness to your outdoor space. Besides, it also provides shade for people on sunny days. The dispensable part of an outdoor umbrella is the umbrella base.

Triquimex's umbrella base, numbered PK-030, is made of concrete.  It is covered with mosaic tiles for style and beauty. Red mosaic patterns of flowers set off the white background.  When placed outdoors, this round mosaic umbrella base is very eye-catching. There may be wheels under the bottom so that you can move the base around easily, if required.

The stem is designed with two tightening knobs to hold the umbrella pole in place. The base diameter is 40 cm. It is 10 cm high and weighs 40 kilograms or more.

Place an outdoor umbrella with this lovely round mosaic umbrella base in your garden, patio, or backyard to have a shady and relaxing space.