Round Patio Umbrella Base Mosaic Surface

  • Round Patio Umbrella Base with Mosaic Surface

PK-026 Round Patio Umbrella Base with Mosaic Surface

Triquimex’s round patio umbrella base, numbered PK-026, will be a sturdy foundation for your patio umbrella. It is 10 cm in height and 40 cm in diameter. It weighs at least 40 kilograms. Its specification can vary, depending on the specification of the outdoor umbrella it will hold.

Its heavy concrete construction will securely hold the umbrella in place. Cream and dark pink ceramic tiles are used to create eye-catching patterns on the mosaic surface. We waterproof the mosaic surface for weather resistance. There are two tightening knobs on the iron stem to hold umbrella pole. The stem has a powder coated finish for beauty and anti-rust.

The round patio umbrella base can be designed with wheels under its bottom for easy moving if required. The base is for use with a free-standing outdoor umbrella.

Create a shady patio with an outdoor umbrella. And keep it safely positioned with this round patio umbrella base.