Round Terracotta Mosaic Bar Table

  • Round Terracotta Mosaic Bar Table Wrought Iron Base
  • Round Terracotta Mosaic Bar Table Wrought Iron Base

TR-017 Round Terracotta Mosaic Bar Table

Round bar tables will be good solution for small space and can give your bar more passing space.

Triquimex’s round terracotta mosaic bar table, coded TR-017, is 110 cm high. The top is  70 cm, 80 cm, or 90 cm in diameter. It is perfect for 2 to 4 people.

Terracotta and red give the mosaic top a striking look. Terracotta tiles are arranged to create the background. Red ceramic tiles are used to create highlight ring patterns. The top is really eye-catching. It gives people a warm feeling.

The wrought iron base is powder coated for anti-corrosion.  It looks delicate but really strong. The base greatly contributes to the beauty of the table.

This round terracotta mosaic bar table will add elegance to any bistros, pubs, or bars whether inside or outside. Combine it with appropriate bar stools to have a very gorgeous bistro table set that impresses your customers.