Square Concrete Umbrella Base

  • Square Concrete Umbrella Base

PK-028 Square Concrete Umbrella Base

An outdoor umbrella is essential to a garden. It keeps out the sun in style and gives you a relaxing place away from sunshine or sudden showers. Therefore, in addition to finding a beautiful outdoor umbrella, don’t forget to find a nice and stable umbrella stand.

Triquimex’s square concrete umbrella base, numbered PK-028, is a beautiful outdoor accessory. The base is 10 cm in height, 40 cm in side length, and 40 kilograms in weight.

It is constructed from concrete and covered with mosaic tiles. The heavy concrete base prevents the umbrella from blowing away on windy days. The mosaic patterns give it a nice look. The iron stem is powder coated for anti-corrosion. It features two tightening knobs to hold the umbrella pole in place.

This square concrete umbrella base may also have wheels under the bottom for easy movement, if required. Made from concrete and mosaic tiles, this base is durable and will well hold up the elements.

Your outdoor umbrella will be very stable and stylish with this square concrete umbrella base. Together both will well complement any outdoor setup.