Square Iron and Mosaic Patio Table

  • Square Iron and Mosaic Patio Table
  • Square Wrought Iron and Mosaic Outdoor Table

VU-020 Square Iron and Mosaic Patio Table

Triquimex’s square iron and mosaic patio table, numbered VU-020, suits home interior or exterior, restaurants, or resorts. You can place it in garden, balcony, swimming pool or deck. The table is 75 cm high. The side length is available in 90 cm, 100 cm, or 110 cm.

Mosaic art is applied to the square table top. Small dark blue rectangular natural stones are arranged to make an elegant patterns. Blue represents the sky and the sea, so the table top will create an open space and give people the feeling of expansiveness and freedom. Therefore, when you put it outside, especially near a lake, a pool or the sea, you will have peaceful, relaxed and comfortable moments.

The wrought iron base is galvanized and powder coated for antirust and weather resistance. There are four rubber foot caps under the four legs to protect the floor from scratching. The knock down system is for easy transport or arrangement.

This elegant square iron and mosaic patio table will be perfect addition to your outdoor setting.