Square Mosaic Nesting Plant Stand Set

  • Mosaic Nesting Plant Stand Set with Wrought Iron Frame

PK-012 Square Mosaic Nesting Plant Stand Set

Decorate your outdoor space with colorful flowers and plants. A nice plant stand will help you prominently display pots of flowers or plants for enjoying and decoration.

Triquimex’s square mosaic nesting plant stand set with wrought iron frame, numbered PK-012, will be a great accent to your garden. It includes three plant stands whose heights are different. Each stand has a square mosaic top. Mosaic tiles with the earth tone are installed to create rustic tops. We waterproof the tops to make them weather resistant. The frame has a powder coated finish for beauty and antirust. Therefore, you can place this plant stand set outside for years.

The three plant stands have the heights of 10 cm, 20 cm and 30 cm respectively. It is strong to support the flower pots and heavy to withstand strong winds. Each weighs at least 3000 grams. You can nest the set for easy storage or transport.

Arrange your beautiful potted flowers and plants in different levels with this mosaic nesting plant stand set. You can keep the plant stand set in your living room, on the patio, or on the balcony.