Square Mosaic Outdoor Bistro Table

  • Square Mosaic Outdoor Bistro Table with Wrought Iron Base

VU-017 Square Mosaic Outdoor Bistro Table

The square mosaic outdoor bistro table, numbered VU-017, has special mosaic patterns on the top. They are a combination of leaf shaped mosaic tiles at the center and square terracotta tiles at the border. At the heart is a pattern of a six petal flower. From the heart outward, other leaf shaped mosaic tiles are carefully arranged.  With the natural color of terracotta, the patterns may give you a feeling about something peaceful and open. The border with small cubes of terracotta tiles brings the top a solid appearance.

The wrought iron base with an X-stretcher has a powder coated finish. It adds elegance to the table as a whole. With the waterproofed top, this square mosaic outdoor bistro table requires low maintenance and can suit indoor and outdoor use.

With this model, Triquimex can make different top dimensions to satisfy your demand. The standard height is 75 cm. For garden coffee shops, the top side length is available in 70 cm or 80 cm. For garden cafés or restaurants, the top dimension may be larger: 90*90 cm, 100*100 cm, 110*110 cm, etc.

Make your garden space more appealing with this lovely square mosaic outdoor bistro table. The beauty of terracotta and wrought iron may impress most of your guests or customers.