Square Mosaic Outdoor Table

  • Square Mosaic Outdoor Table Wrought Iron Base
  • Square Mosaic Outdoor Table, Black and White

VU-015 Square Mosaic Outdoor Table

Triquimex’s square mosaic table, numbered VU-015, features a top that looks like a work of basketry. It has a border tiled with black terracotta tiles. On the top surface are black and white terracotta tiles. They are arranged in a special layout to create patterns like in basketry art. Black and white never go out of fashion. The contrast between black and white will add a character to your outdoor setting. The top is waterproofed for weather resistance.

You can combine this square mosaic outdoor table with a four leg table base. In the photo is the table with hairpin legs. Stretcher(s) will help the table be more stable. The color of the base can be black or white to match with the table top.

The table is 75 cm high. Depending on the top side length, the table can functions as a bistro table, a dining table or a café table. In a bistro, the top can have the side length of 70 cm or 80 cm. In a café or a restaurant, it may have the side length of 90 cm, 100 cm, or 110 cm.