Square Mosaic Patio Table Iron Base

  • Square Mosaic Patio Table with Wrought Iron Base

VU-014 Square Mosaic Patio Table with Wrought Iron Base

You have a patio or a garden with trees and flowers. You want to entertain friends or simply need a private place to relax outside, don't you? If the answer is “Yes”, think of placing a patio table set in your garden.

Made by Triquimex’s skilled craftsmen, the square mosaic patio table- model VU-014- is a beautiful handicraft. It is 75 cm high and has a square top with 90 cm in side length. The perfect combination of brownish red, white, and black mosaic tiles on the top brings the elegance to the product. It can be sure that you will get compliments from your friends and neighbors visiting your patio or garden.

The base is powder coated to resist rust. The mosaic top is waterproofed to withstand the elements. These treatments help the patio table stand the test of time. You just need to carry out regular maintenance to timely discover and remove any possible rust.

The square mosaic patio table seats 4 people and will be an essential decorative item for your outdoor space.