Square Mosaic Table with Wrought Iron Base

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VU-023 Square Mosaic Table with Wrought Iron Base

Triquimex’s square mosaic table, numbered VU-023, is 75 cm high and 70 cm in side length. It features a mosaic top and a wrought iron base.

The square top in black and white looks stylish. Black slates and white ceramic tiles are installed to the top with hands. The white “dots” and border patterns really stand out in the black background. It proves the effectiveness of the combination between black and white.

The wrought iron base is strong and elegant in design. Wrought iron itself is strong. It is also malleable enough to form beautifully curve table legs. Therefore, with a wrought iron base, the table is nice and stable. Please note that the top and the base are separate. Therefore, you can choose another table base style you love for the top. Take a look at the photos for reference.

With dimensions of 70*70*75 cm, the mosaic table can comfortably seat 4 people. Look for 3-4 wrought iron chairs to combine with the item.

Designed for outdoor use, this square mosaic table can withstand the elements. At Triquimex, we waterproof the mosaic top for weather resistance and powder coat the wrought iron base for antirust. The treatments will ensure you a durable outdoor table for years to come.