Square Mosaic Top Table with Iron Base

  • Square Mosaic Top Table Wrought Iron Base

VU-018 Square Mosaic Top Table

Triquimex’s table model VU-018 is designed with a nice square mosaic top. It is installed with glazed ceramic tiles. We combine pink and white to create an elegant mosaic top. Curved square pink ceramic tiles make the background color. It is embellished with white dots and bordered with white diamond ceramic tiles. This combination inspires a feeling of peacefulness and comfort.

The top is weather proofed so that it can be placed outside for long time. The square mosaic top can be made with different dimensions for your particular purpose of use. It is available with the side length of 70 cm or 80 cm for garden coffee shops or bistros and 90 cm, 100 cm, or 110 cm for garden restaurants.

The square table is 75 cm high. It has a wrought iron base. The base is powder coated to prevent corrosion. It is strong and stable. The square table is designed for easy assembly with the knock down system.

This square mosaic top table will add elegance to your garden setting.