Square stone coffee table with iron base

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VU-030 Square stone coffee table with iron base is designed for outdoor use. The table is supplied by the Vietnamese outdoor furniture manufacturer Triquimex.

  • Coffee table
  • Wrought iron base
  • Stone table top

The square stone coffee table with iron base, numbered VU-030, is suitable to use in outdoor spaces such as outdoor coffee, outdoor restaurant, modern restaurant, bistros. This is structured by a stone table top and a wrought iron base. It will be more attractive when adding four wrought iron chairs to make a gorgeous outdoor furniture set.

The VU-030 square stone table can be customized according to customer’s request. We all are available to serve your demands. Follow this, customer can have table with the size and design as your dècor. You can use this kind of table in modern spaces such as outdoor coffee shops, garden restaurants, etc.

Besides this stunning stone table, Triquimex also produce many kinds of outdoor furniture products, especially ones made of wrought iron. We made products manually, therefore ensure the high art value for each one.

So, if you are interested in this VU-030 stone table or other kind of outdoor furniture, please contact Triquimex.

Triquimex is a company specializing in supplying outdoor furniture nationwide and worldwide. We deal with great pre-order from customers around the world. With more than 10 years experience in manufacturing and supplying outdoor furniture, we believe that we can gain total satisfaction from our customer once co-operating with us.

Choosing Triquimex, customers do not need to worry about quality of products and accompanying services. At our factory, we set quality as our first priority. We are careful in both choosing raw materials and all stages of production process.

Our craftsmen are very skillful and meticulous. Therefore, all of products made by their ingenious hands look beautiful and delicate. These products are various in size, design, and diverse in color so that there are many options for you to select. Triquimex can be responsible for great orders or projects nationwide and worldwide.

Thank you for your time with Triquimex!