Square Terracotta Mosaic Table Top

  • Eye- Catching Terracotta Mosaic Table Top
  • Eye- Catching Terracotta Mosaic Table Top

VU-003 Terracotta Mosaic Table Top

Triquimex’s square table, numbered VU-003, features a terracotta mosaic table top. It is a combination of orange and purple. Orange octagon terracotta tiles are tiled in the surface of the table. Along each side of the top are diamond purple glazed ceramic tiles. These cheerful colors give the top an eye-catching appearance.

This square terracotta mosaic table top is available with many dimensions to meet your demand. If you love a bistro table, the side length can be 70 cm or 80 cm. If you want a café table or a dining one, the side length can be 90 cm, 100 cm, or 110 cm. We protect the top with waterproofing and cracking protection so that it can withstand any weather conditions when placed outdoors.

You can combine this terracotta mosaic table top with an elegant wrought iron table base. We suggest two table bases that you may be interested: one with an X stretcher and one with a box stretcher. Both frames have a powder coated finish to prevent rust. They well support the table top and give the table an attractive look. The table is 75 cm high.

Whether you place the square table inside or outside, it will well complement your décor setting and impress your guests or customers.