Terracotta Mosaic Table with Iron Base

  • Oval Terracotta Mosaic Table with Wrought Iron Base

OV-001 Oval Terracotta Mosaic Table with Wrought Iron Base

When terracotta and wrought iron are combined to create items of furniture, they are really a "perfect couple". The uniqueness and elegance they bring to the item can win the heart of people. An example of this good combination is the oval terracotta mosaic table with wrought iron base, numbered OV-001, of Triquimex.

The color of terracotta tiles gives the table a rustic look. The grey patterns tiled with natural stones add more color to the top. The top is also waterproofed for weather resistance. The four legs are joined by box stretcher. That both gives it nice appearance and well supports the top. We apply powder coating to the wrought iron framework to give it a nice finish and the characteristic of anti-corrosion. Therefore, the this lovely table can be used for tens of years with very low maintenance.

This table is 180 cm long, 90 cm wide, and 75 cm high. It can seat from 6 to 8 people comfortably. It is really ideal for dining whether indoors or outdoors.  You can choose this oval terracotta mosaic table for your own use or for furnishing your garden restaurant.