Wrought Iron Al Fresco Dining Chair

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GH-005 Wrought Iron Al Fresco Dining Chair with Armrests

Triquimex’s wrought iron al fresco dining chair, numbered GH-005, is nice. The chair features a decorative back with iron wires and scrollwork. It both decorates the chair and well supports your back. The seat has a curved square shape and designed with iron lattice patterns. The two armrests are curved to comfortably support your arms. It also features four thin legs with rubber foot caps to prevent the leg tips from bad weather conditions.

All metal details are powder coated for antirust. The black color gives the chair a distinct look. The chair will perfectly paired with a wrought iron and mosaic outdoor dining table. Whether you place the dining table set on the patio or under the shade of a tree, the table set will give you a wonderful place for outdoor dining. You, your family and your friends will have great moments to share together.

This wrought iron al fresco dining chair with armrests is 45/101 cm high and 48 cm wide. It will complete your outdoor living experience.