Iron and Granite Mosaic Dining Table

  • Wrought iron and granite mosaic dining table
  • Wrought iron and granite mosaic dining table

CN-005 Wrought Iron and Granite Mosaic Dining Table

Granite stones are highly resistant to scratching, cracking and staining. They are ideal for flooring, counter tops, table tops and exterior applications. Granite is very durable, requires low maintenance, and retains its beauty throughout the years.

At Triquimex, we combine wrought iron and granite tiles to create the dining table, numbered CN-005. Its dimension is 90 cm in width, 180 cm in length, and 75 cm in height. This granite mosaic dining table can seats up to 8 people.

Granite stones are cut and arranged carefully according to the selected patterns. The brown color of granite will add something natural, simple, and rustic to your decor. It may create a friendly and warm ambience for your dining space.

A feature of granite is heavy weight, so we design and make table base strong enough to support the top and stylish enough to keep the table beautiful. The wrought iron base is powder coated to be rust resistant. The top is waterproofed to be weather resistant.

You can place the table in your dining room or garden and have great time with your family and friends.