Wrought Iron and Mosaic Restaurant Table

  • Wrought Iron and Mosaic Restaurant Table

VU-016 Wrought Iron and Mosaic Restaurant Table with Custom Logo

Triquimex’s wrought iron and mosaic restaurant table, numbered VU-016, is a piece of furniture that shows the expertise of our craftsmen.

This square table features a mosaic table top with custom logo. The top is covered with glazed ceramic tiles. In the illustration, at the heart is the place for the logo. With this model, we choose yellow glazed ceramic tiles to set the background. Small rectangular tiles are installed carefully to create the like-weaving patterns. We border it with natural stones.

The wrought iron framework is powder coated for anti-rust. Each leg is a group of 3 iron bars so that the base can well support the top. You can leave this table outside to be a garden dining table. With dimensions of 90 cm in side length and 75 cm in height, the table can comfortably accommodate four people.

Whether you put it inside or outside, a wrought iron and mosaic restaurant table with custom logo will make your restaurant unique. It is also a good way to remind people of your brand name.