Wrought Iron and Wood Table

  • Wrought Iron and Wood Table with Pedestal Base
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VU-006 Wrought Iron and Wood Table

Triquimex’s wrought iron and wood table, numbered VU-006, is a perfect combination of wrought iron and wood.

The top is made of wooden slats. The color of wood gives it a natural but modern look. We apply treatments to to protect the wooden top from termites and give the table durability.

The table base is made of powder coated tube iron. It is rust resistant. The pedestal and the column are strong and stable to support the top.

As a whole, the wrought iron and wood table reflects a modern but natural design. It can be placed in a garden with greenery or placed in the balcony of a modern house.

The table is 75 cm high. The side length can vary from 70 cm to 110 cm up to your demand. With this model, you may have an attractive bistro table, a lovely restaurant table, or more.

This wrought iron and wood table can suits both home and commercial settings. The strength of wrought iron and the natural beauty of wood will give you an aesthetic and modern setting.