Wrought Iron Chair for Garden

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GH-006 Wrought Iron Chair for Garden

Triquimex’s wrought iron chair for garden, numbered GH-006, is a beautiful item of furniture that will enhance your outdoor space. It features a lattice seat and a decorative back with wire and scrollwork. The four legs are strengthened with an X-stretcher. There are four rubber foot caps under the legs to protect it against moisture.

The wrought iron chair has a powder coated finish for beauty and anti-rust. Therefore, when left outside, the chair is hard to fade or be rusty. The garden chair requires low maintenance, so you just take a little care to keep it durable.

The chair is 45/101 cm high and 42 cm wide. It has no armrests, so you can sit on the chair from its either side. It suits a home patio, a backyard, a garden café, or a restaurant for outdoor dining.

This wrought iron chair for garden works well with a mosaic table. If you have an oval tile top outdoor dining table in your patio and are looking for dining chairs, the chair may be what you need.