Wrought Iron Individual Sofa

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Wrought Iron Individual Sofa GH-127 Made by Triquimex

The wrought iron individual sofa, numbered GH-127, is a single seater armchair provided by Triquimex’s home and garden furniture. This special single sofa has modern and neat design.

Sofa is a kind of beautiful and luxury chair. It is often displayed in living room of almost family, or living space, exhibition space. Base on the design of chairs, you can make your living room space a nice and impressive one. And, if you highly appreciate the modernity and the dynamic, the wrought iron individual sofa is a very suitable choice for you.

Different from sofas with wooden frame, the wrought iron individual sofa GH-127 is made of iron frame. Thus, its form is neat and modern. All the iron details of this single seater armchair are treated by powder coating treatment for antirust. Therefore, it is not necessary for customer to worry about product’s durability. The curves of iron tubes bring the delicate look for this sofa. Moreover, the cushion accompanied is style with eye-catching color and simple design to make the sofa more impressive. It makes you feel comfort and relax whenever sitting on it.

With simple and modern style, the wrought iron individual sofa GH-127 will raise the luxury and convenience of your living space. This single seater armchair goes well with Triquimex’s mosaic tables. This combination will create a cozy and happy atmosphere for your family.

The wrought iron individual sofa GH-127 will be a highlight for the living space of customer. In addition, this kind of individual sofa can also be used as a café sofa, or placed in the lounge of companies. Triquimex can customize products according to the specification, color, and design of customer. We also provide sofa and wrought iron chairs and tables for big orders or clients who have demand in exporting.