3-Tier Wrought Iron Outdoor Plant Stand

  • Wrought-Iron-Outdoor-Plant-Stand-500×500

PK-024 Wrought Iron Outdoor Plant Stand with Mosaic Tops

Triquimex’s wrought iron outdoor plant stand, numbered PK-024, is an attractive garden accessory. It has three tiers. The tiers have the height of 10 cm, 20 cm, and 30 cm respectively. The stand may weigh 3000 grams or more. The iron frame with scroll details gives it a delicate look and will add elegance to your garden.

Each tier has a round mosaic top. The beauty of mosaic tiles will make a highlight for your garden. We apply powder coating to the iron frame for anti-corrosion and waterproofing to the mosaic tops for weather resistance. Therefore, the stand requires low maintenance and you can put it outside regardless of rains or sunshine.

Imagine how beautiful your garden will be with this elegant wrought iron outdoor plant stand. The tiers of colorful flowers will make a very eye-catching space.

If you own a garden coffee shop or a garden restaurant, a plant stand like this model at the sides of your business' entryway will be a friendly welcome to your customers.