Wrought iron square table with terra cotta top

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VU-017 Wrought iron square table with terra-cotta top is manufactured by the Vietnamese outdoor furniture manufacturer Triquimex. The table looks so strong and beautiful.

  • Square table
  • Wrought iron base
  • terra-cotta top

The wrought iron square table with terra cotta top, numbered VU-017, is structured by a wrought iron base and a terra cotta top. The wrought iron base is powder coated for anti-rust. The terra cotta top is treated to prevent cracking. Therefore, the table still looks good after having placed outsides for years. It can stand out all of the bad elements from the environment. The table can be customized according to customer’s request. It means that you can be free to design your own pieces of furniture as your imagination and decor.

The square table VU-017 is 75 cm in height and the size of the top is 70*70cm. The featured characteristic of the VU-017 powder coated wrought iron square table is its modernity and elegance. The table is suitable to place in modern spaces such as coffee shop, restaurant, and office. The Vietnamese outdoor furniture manufacturer Triquimex can produce products in various colors, sizes, and designs.

The table, numbered VU-017, and some wrought iron chair with galvanized sheet will make a stunning set of furniture in your space. Basing on the décor of your spaces, you will have different choices for your chairs.

Besides this gorgeous table, there is a wide range of outdoor furniture products in Triquimex’s furniture collection. Therefore, if you are interested in pieces of furniture like the VU-017, please contact Triquimex.

Triquimex is a company specializing in supplying outdoor furniture nationwide and worldwide. We deal with great pre-order from customers around the world. With more than 10 years experience in manufacturing and supplying outdoor furniture, we believe that we can gain total satisfaction from our customer once co-operating with us.

Choosing Triquimex, customers do not need to worry about quality of products and accompanying services. At our factory, we set quality as our first priority. We are careful in both choosing raw materials and all stages of production process. We are all available to serve your demand.

Thank you for your time with Triquimex!