Wrought Iron Table with Oval Glass Top

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OV-015 Oval Wrought Iron Table with Oval Glass Top

A perfect combination of wrought iron and glass can make beautiful pieces of furniture for your living space. The stylishness of wrought iron and the simplicity of glass will give your home a new look, unique and lovely.

The wrought iron table with oval glass top, numbered OV-015, is manufactured by Triquimex. The oval table top is made from tempered glass with dimension 180*90 cm. The table is 75 cm high. Tempered glass does not break into sharp shards when it is broken. It is also stronger than normal glass. Therefore, a tempered glass table top will enhance your décor and reduce your risk of injury.

The wrought iron table base is an elaborate and elegant design with delicate details. We coat it with a powder coated finish to protect it from corrosion.

A modern model with the features of weather resistance and anti rust, the wrought iron table with oval glass top can be placed on the balcony, in the living room, or in the garden. The elegant design makes your space brighter and more beautiful. As a result, it will attract glances of people.