Wrought Iron Wall Mirror Frame

  • This wrought iron wall mirror frame is oval and has a versatile design that can be hung in bathroom or living room

PK-015 Wrought Iron Wall Mirror Frame

Nowadays, mirrors are not only a means for people to check their appearance but also decorative home accessories that reflect the style and décor taste of the homeowner.

Triquimex’s wrought iron wall mirror frame, numbered PK-015, has a versatile design. It can be hung in the bathroom, the living room, or the bedroom. It is 70 cm high and 50 cm wide. We design this frame for oval mirror. It features simple but elegant wrought iron details. Graceful curves and lovely circles make its delicate look. The mirror with the frame not only adds beauty to the room but also can function as a space amplifier.

The metal mirror frame is powder coated for beauty and rust resistance. Therefore, this wall mirror frame will stand the test of time.

In addition to this model, Triquimex designs and manufactures other mirror frame models with various shapes, sizes and functions that fit your demand.