Terra Cotta Seat Made of Concrete

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Terra Cotta Seat, numbered GH-122, is made of concrete. The terra-cotta seat has a waterproof coat. It is provided by Triquimex, an outdoor furniture manufacturer in Vietnam.

Nowadays, outdoor furniture become more and more popular and diversified from design to material and color. The outdoor furniture manufacturer Triquimex is glad to introduce our special outdoor chair, GH-122 Terra-Cotta seat. For anyone who concerned in collecting unique and special outdoor furniture, this terra cotta seat of Triquimex is a suitable choice.

The terra cotta seat is made of concrete. It is 48 cm high. The seat is 30 cm in diameter. The size of the seat is also designed follow customer’s requirement. It is a special chair in Triquimex’s outdoor furniture collection.

The terra cotta seat is designed like a drum. This characteristic brings a new feeling for customer. Placing this terra cotta seat in the garden also shows the special personality of the owner. The terra cotta seat also has the color of recalling the past. Therefore, it is a suitable choice for putting in classical space. The terra cotta seat is made of concrete. Its color is like the color of wood. Thus, it makes a harmony with the natural. The terra cotta seat is also fitting in space of garden coffee shops, family’s garden, or for using like a decorating item.

The strange-look and distinction are the impressive features of this GH-122 terra cotta seat. It is one in many special furniture products of Triquimex. Hence, if you are concerned in outdoor furniture, please contact us for more helpful information. We also provide many kinds of outdoor iron chairs, and mosaic tables. We can supply demands with great numbers for big project or exporting orders.

Choosing Triquimex as your garden furniture supplier, you do not need to worry about quality of products. We set quality as our first priority to give our customer the absolute satisfaction. Due to the powder coating treatment, all of our products can stand out all the elements from the outside. Moreover, selecting the good raw materials is the first step in our production process. Therefore, the durability and lifespan of outdoor furniture products are now a worry no longer.