Iron Dining Chair Added Cushion

Iron Dining Chair Added Cushion

GH-085 Iron dining chair added cushion has delicate patterns according to European style. This dinning chair is supplied by Triquimex, a home and garden furniture manufacturer in Vietnam.

Dining chair and table are essential items for family’s meals. Nowadays, many families choose artistic tables and chairs for placing in dining room. They are not only for sitting, but also for decorating. For that, Triquimex would like to introduce customer this kind of dinning chair, iron dining chair added cushion. This dining chair is suitable for using in family’s space, and garden restaurant.

The iron dining chair added cushion GH-085 is 43/92 cm in height. The seat is 40 cm wide. The thickness of the cushion is 8 cm. This iron dining chair is made of iron frame. We powder coat all the iron details for antirust. This chair looks delicate and steady. The iron bars are curved to make a featured iron frame. The back of the chair is structured by iron bars arranged into sector pattern. Under the legs are rubber foot caps to protect the floor from scratching. Moreover, the seat is added a cushion to make you comfort whenever you sit on.

As we mentioned before, this kind of iron dining chair is an ideal options for dining room in your family. In addition, all the iron details of this chair are treated by powder coating treatment. Therefore, it can be placed outdoor spaces such as garden restaurant, outdoor coffee shop, etc. Especially, is you combine this dining chair with mosaic tables from Triquimex’s outdoor furniture collection, your space will become more perfect.

The GH-085 Iron dining chair is an outstanding product of our home and garden furniture company. This chair requires low maintenance. It has ability to resistant to bad environment’s condition.