Square Mosaic Bistro Table Iron Base

  • Square Mosaic Bistro Table with Powder Coated Iron Base
  • square-mosaic-bistro-table-with-wrought-iron-base-vu-001

VU-001 Square Mosaic Bistro Table with Powder Coated Iron Base

Triquimex’s square mosaic bistro table, numbered VU-001, is a handicraft. The mosaic top is made from terracotta tiles and granite tiles. Terracotta tiles are arranged at the center of the top. Pieces of granite tiles are used to make the border patterns. The top is waterproofed for water resistance. The iron base is powder coated for anti-rust. Therefore, you can place this table inside or outside. The item also requires low maintenance.

We manufactured this square mosaic bistro table with the side length of 70 cm. The height is 75 cm. With such dimensions, the table can accommodate from 2 to 3 people.

However, the table's measurements can vary according to your need. For bistros or coffee shops, the table can be 70 cm or 80 cm in side length. For cafés or restaurants, the table can be 90 cm, 100 cm, or 110 cm in side length.

This lovely square mosaic bistro table will be an elegant addition for your garden, patio, etc. or commercial outdoor settings like bistros or coffee shops.