Weather resistant iron furniture

Nowadays, people are looking for the garden furniture that is built to last for years and stays fresh despite exposure to environmental hazards. Because leaving your furniture exposed to the elements in the garden or patio is risky business. Some table and chair can hold up against snow and rain. But others will come out on the other side of winter or sleet and hail completely unusable. So it's important to know the difference and we don't spend money on the outdoor furniture only to have it ruined outdoor.

While selling the mosaic table and iron chair, very often, we get the question from buyers about what to do with our mosaic furniture during the winter. The answer is simple, nothing special for the maintenance because the mosaic table and iron chair from Triquimex are weather-resistant products or also called weather resistant iron furniture.

Effectively, our weather resistant iron furniture is made from durable materials and is easy for the maintenance. They can be left outside all year round. The metal frame galvanized and powder coated can ensure that climate will have absolutely no effect on their durability. So a mosaic table with its chair can offer you the same comfort for years and years.

Our furniture iron frame is always treated to remove dust and impurities before being galvanized and powder coated. There will be no rust issue for customer and the furniture just remains perfect to the weather. Powder coating is a non-toxic industrial finish with incomparable durability. Effectively, it is cured and hardened under heat and then it can protect the furniture against rust and fading.

Meanwhile, rain, hot and cold temperature or any extreme natural elements cannot hurt our mosaic table tops thank to their weather-resistant materials. Therefore, no matter how much it rains, snows or hails, these floor-like table tops keep fresh and nice.

Like any type of products, the outdoor patio furniture or weather resistant iron furniture is also made from different materials. Some are more durable and more resistant than others. But it is obvious that the mosaic and iron furniture withstands very well the inclement weather and resists better wind or rain, sunshine or heat, snow or frozen. The three main types of materials used in the manufacture of mosaic furniture are iron, mosaic and concrete. While the mosaic and concrete are very durable and resistant, people often worry about the iron with staining problem. Understanding that concern, we are always upholding the good treating process before applying galvanization and powder coating.